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A Guide for Employers of Veterans

A Guide for Employers of Veterans has been produced to assist employers who are considering engaging a veteran as an employee. The guide positions a veteran’s abilities by comparing like-for-like training and skills at rank. It is not a complete representation of what every veteran, at a particular rank, has performed during their career; it’s only a small part of the picture.

The guide is a starting point and pre-supposes the following:

  • The veteran will reasonably possess the skills listed to the standard this guide specifies
  • Though highly competent, a veteran may not possess all the skills specified, depending the career path that has been followed
  • The veteran has concurrently mastered a range of additional military skills
  • The veteran has also mastered a range of technical, trade, and specialist skills in addition to these generalist (or non-technical) skills

Print A Guide for Employers of Veterans double-sided on A3 paper, flip on short edge.

Limited copies are available on request: contact