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Gender Adviser Course

The aim of the GENAD course is to prepare ADF (and international) personnel to effectively perform the duties of a Gender Advisor in support of ADF (and coalition) policy development, and the planning and conduct of operations or exercises. The course focuses on enhancing operational effectiveness through the application of a gender perspective across the spectrum of operations.

A gender perspective examines the effect of gender on people’s opportunities, social roles and interactions. In a military context, Gender in Military Operations (GiMO) focusses on applying a gender perspective to actively consider the different needs, vulnerabilities, strengths, priorities and capabilities of women, men, boys, girls and vulnerable people throughout operational planning processes and the conduct of operations.

The curriculum is delivered primarily at Joint Professional Military Education Level Three to Five. The training is conducted over eight days of classroom study. All training is conducted in the Canberra region of the Australian Capital Territory