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31 March 2010
Troops from MRT-1 Prepare for Night Patrol

On 23 March 2010 the security section at Patrol Base Atiq, part of the First Mentoring Task Force contingent, conducted an un-partnered night patrol through the villages of Khaneqah, Sad Mardeh and Sinha in the Mirabad Valley Region of Uruzgan Province.

Preparations for the night patrol included weapon zeroing and adjustments to night fighting equipment such as machine gun sights and night vision goggles.

Commander of the security section Corporal Adam Heemskerk was meticulous with his orders to troops to ensure correct battle preparation and coordination including battlefield illumination support from the combat team headquarters.

Night patrols are designed to provide a security presence in the area and to demonstrate Australian and ANA commitment to disrupting insurgent activity under darkness.

Feedback from locals was very positive with many saying that the security section’s presence provided peace of mind that they would not be harassed by the insurgents.

The security section at PB Atiq usually provides security to the Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (OMLT) and Afghan National Army soldiers during partnered security patrols.