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Defence Health

Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Commitee

Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee


The Australian Defence Medical Ethics Committee (ADMEC) was established by the Chief of the Defence Force and the Secretary of Defence as a non-statutory body in 1988. The first meeting of ADMEC was held in November 1989. The Committee was renamed Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee (ADHREC) in 2001.


The purpose of Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee (ADHREC) is to provide expert review of research protocols submitted for approval by researchers, to conduct human research on Defence personnel.

ADHREC reviews the ethics of, and where appropriate, approves proposals for human research to be conducted by, or on, Defence personnel and/or utilising Defence resources in accordance with the requirements of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, other relevant guidelines and institutional policy.

ADHREC Terms of Reference

No element of Defence is to perform or sponsor a human research project involving human volunteers, which requires human ethics consideration, without the clearance of ADHREC.

ADHREC also monitors the progress of research protocols it has approved to review progress to date, or outcome in the case of completed research; maintenance of security records; compliance with the approved protocol; and compliance with any conditions of approval.

Sitting Dates & Submission Closing Dates


ADHREC Meeting Dates
New Protocol Submission
Cut Off Dates
Other Business: Amendments, Modifications Cut-off Dates
Monday 20 February 2017 ** Friday 3 February 2017 Friday 3 February 2017
Monday 20 March 2017 Friday 17 February 2017 Tuesday 21 February 2017
Monday 1 May 2017 Friday 7 April 2017 Tuesday 11 April 2017
Monday 19 June 2017 Friday 19 May 2017 Tuesday 23 May 2017

* Cut off times for all submission is 1700hrs (Canberra time)
** Dates have been adjusted due to stand down period.

ADHREC Members

Current Membership
Name Category / Role
Mr Ian Tindall Category (a)
Mr Lindsay Roe Category (b)
Mr Bronson Horan Category (b)
Ms Margaret Proctor Category (b)
Ms Vivienne Moyle Category (b)
Dr Jodi Bailey Category (c)
Dr Maxwell Fraser Category (c)
CHAP Robert Sutherland Category (d)
Dr Wendy Bonython Category (e)
Mr Chris Gunson Category (e)
Dr Stephen Coleman Category (f)
Mr Tony Cotton AM Category (f)
Dr Susannah Whitney Category (f)
REV Nicole Coleman Category (f)
Dr Mark Jaffrey Category (f)
Dr Victoria Ross Defence Health Graduate
CAPT Nicole Curtis Defence Health Graduate
Administrative Support
Name Category / Role
Ms Terri Davis A/ Director Defence Health Research
Ms Georgina Gill Research Administrative Officer

Establishment of joint HREC

The Department of Defence and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs are establishing a joint human research ethics committee, effective 1 July 2017. Both organisations are undertaking a large body of work in order to meet the 1 July deadline and further communication of the implications of the establishment of the joint committee will be provided as they are available.

Expressions of interest (EOI) for membership to the Departments of Defence and Veterans’ Affairs Human Research Ethics Committee (DDVAHREC) are now closed. Interviews will be held over the coming weeks and details of membership of the new committee will be made publicly available once finalised

The tentative meeting and submission dates for the Departments of Defence and Veterans’ Affairs Human Research Ethics Committee are as follows:

Meeting Dates
Submission Closing Date
17 July 2017 19 June 2017
21 August 2017 17 July 2017
18 September 2017 21 August 2017
16 October 2017 18 September 2017
20 November 2017 16 October 2017

Annual Reports

The ADHREC provides updates to the Chief of the Defence Force via an Annual Report.