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Vice Chief of the
Defence Force Group

Defence Preparedness Branch

Global Change Seminar Series

The Australian Defence community is facing significant challenges due to global change. Issues of concern are as diverse as energy security, rising oceans, extreme weather events, and population migrations.

In order to raise awareness of these issues Air Vice-Marshal Neil Hart, Joint Capability Coordination (JCC) Division Head is sponsoring a series of seminar briefings on Global Changes in Strategic Military Geography. This briefing series will further explore topics discussed at the Defence, National Security, Global Change and Energy Sustainability Forum, held in late 2012.

The series features a variety of prominent military, government, business, and academic leaders sharing their expertise with the Defence community to ensure that Defence is prepared for the growing scope and scale of global change challenges.

Information, presentations, and video recordings from the briefing series are featured here.

To receive information on upcoming briefings or to join the Defence Global Change community please contact:
(02) 6265 3237

Series 1 Briefing

Series 2 Briefing

Series 3 Briefing

Series 4 Briefing