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National PFAS Investigation and Management Program


Defence has commenced a national program to review its estate and investigate and implement a comprehensive approach to manage the impacts of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, or “PFAS,” on, and in the vicinity of, some of its bases around Australia. Links to each investigation site are provided on the Investigation Sites page.

Information obtained by Defence in the course of this investigation program, including results of sampling taken from residential properties, will be used to identify whether PFAS (including PFOS, PFHxS and/or PFOA) are present in the environment and, if so, to understand the extent of the presence and levels of these chemicals. The information will also be used during engagement with local, State and Commonwealth authorities, as well as communities, to determine what action, if any, needs to occur as a result.

Information will be collected by Defence, or by the contractor who is conducting the investigation at each site on behalf of Defence. Information may be collected through the completion of surveys, collection of samples and analysis, calls to the Project Team hotline, and other interactions with members of the public. Contact details for the Project Team contractor are available on the Contacts page for each investigation site.

The collection of your information is voluntary unless otherwise advised. However, if you choose not to provide any information, Defence will not be able to take into account your specific circumstances when conducting the investigation, engaging with relevant authorities and the community, and taking further action.

The information you provide may be shared with Defence's technical advisors, relevant Commonwealth, State, Territory and local government agencies and organisations, and business entities directly involved in any action linked to the investigation, to the extent that is necessary for the purposes of the environmental investigation, and the determination and implementation of any further action. Such organisations may include, but are not limited to, relevant environmental, health, water and primary industry authorities.

Reports of investigations will be published on the ‘Investigation Documents’ page for each investigation site. These reports may include maps showing sampling sites and test results, represented as colour-coded dots. The names and addresses of property owners will not be included in the report, however individual properties may be identifiable from the maps. Similarly, while an investigation is ongoing, a map showing sampling sites and test results, represented as colour-coded dots, may be prepared and released to the public in order to keep the community informed.

If you have any questions about how your personal information will be collected and handled in the course of the investigation program, please contact the National PFAS Environmental Management Program on 1800 365 414 or by email to

The Defence Privacy Policy is available at The Defence Privacy Policy contains information on how you may apply for access to your personal information and how you may apply to have your personal information amended. The Defence Privacy Policy also contains information on how to make a privacy complaint to Defence if you consider Defence may have breached the Australian Privacy Principles. The Defence Privacy Officer can be contacted by email at: