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National PFAS Investigation and Management Program

Guidance - Useful Links

Health Information

The Commonwealth Department of Health provides important information relating to per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and associated health related guidance.

Legal Advice

The following link is to a site which includes the contact details for a range of legal assistance and pro bono services in each state and territory.

The link to this site is provided for information purposes only. Its inclusion in this website should not be understood to mean that the Department of Defence considers that legal advice is necessary or appropriate. Whether a person or business chooses to engage legal representation is entirely a matter for that person or business.

Defence Investigation Site Specific Useful Links

As the investigations are being conducted at each Defence site, helpful information may be developed and populated on the appropriate Defence sites website. Please refer to the site near you as listed below:

For further information or enquiries please refer to the contacts page within this website.