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National PFAS Investigation and Management Program

Guidance - Compensation

If an individual or business considers that they have suffered a loss or injury as a consequence of Defence activities, it is open to that individual or business to make a claim. Each claim should identify:

  1. the nature of the loss or injury suffered,
  2. the value of the loss or injury suffered, and
  3. the reason(s) why the claimant considers that loss or injury are the consequences of Defence activities.

Alternatively, an individual or business may complete a claim form.

The claimant should attach any relevant documentation to support their claim, whether they use the claim form or not. Once a claim is received and considered by Defence, the claimant may be requested to provide further documentation. 

Claims can be sent by email to or by post to:

Office of Defence Special Counsel
Defence Legal Division
PO Box 7911
Canberra ACT 2610

All claims will be assessed consistently with the Attorney-General’s Legal Services Directions 2005.