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Disclosure Log - Documents released by Defence

Defence is required by section 11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) to publish a disclosure log on its website. The disclosure log lists documents which have been disclosed in response to an FOI access request. This requirement applied from 1 May 2011. The disclosure log complements the Information Publication Scheme required under section 8 of the FOI Act.

In accordance with the requirements of section 11C, agencies are required to publish details of documents released under the FOI Act within ten working days of an applicant being given access to the documents.

Defence will maintain on this website a list of documents released under the FOI Act. This list does not include:

  • personal information or information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication of that information would be unreasonable;
  • other information that the Australian Information Commissioner determines is unreasonable to publish; and
  • any information not reasonably practicable to publish because of modifications necessary to delete information covered in the two dot points above.

Defence will also include a copy of the decision made as part of the FOI request (with the applicant's personal information redacted). Defence believes publication of the decision will provide the context for any redactions made to the documents.

If you require access to the documents in an alternative format please contact the FOI Directorate.

Please Note: Due to the scanning process some documents may have a format distortion.

Published FOI requests

Date (documents
received by applicant)
FOI No Title (link to documents) Access Exemptions (Link to FOI Act)
9-June-2017 286/16/17

Review of the Conduct After Capture Training Framework and Resistance to Interrogation Training completed in 2006

Partial 24A | 33 | 42 | 47E
8-June-2017 298/16/17

Procurement Documents in relation to CN3409135 and CN3409084

Partial 47E
07-June-2017 274/16/17

Australian Involvement in Civilian Casualty Incidents Related to Air Strikes in the Mosul Jadida Neighbourhood

Partial 7 | 24A | 33
02-June-2017 303/16/17

Documents from 1 July 2014 Related to Bilateral Agreements, Arrangements, MOUs Between the Governments and Agencies of Australia and Israel

Partial 33 | 47C
29-May-2017 205/16/17

Agreement between DOD and Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Partial 45 | 47E | 47F
12-May-2017 267/16/17

Courses on International Human Rights Law & Law of Armed Conflict for the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) by Task Group TAJI

Partial 33 | 47F
28-April-2017 201/16/17

Assaults at Army Recruit Training Centre Kapooka Between 1 Jan 16 and 13 Jan 17

Partial 42 | 47F
27-April-2017 260/16/17

Investigation Report for ADFA Bus Rollover on 21 Nov 2015

Full N/A
24-April-2017 234/16/17

Use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam - RAAF Base Williamtown

Partial 24A | 42
18-April-2017 217/16/17

PFAS Contamination Army Aviation Centre Oakey and Surrounding Areas

Partial 47F | 47G
13-April-2017 276/16/17

FASI CPR Compliance Investigation

Partial 24A
13-April-2017 227/16/17

ADFA Misconduct Claims Since July 1 2016

Partial 37 | 47E | 47F
11-April-2017 280/16/17

Staffing and Pay Levels for DMO/CASG - 2014/15 and 2015/16

Full N/A
10-April-2017 240/16/17

Theft, Loss or Misplacing of Firearms and any Subsequent Recovery - since 1 January 2015

Partial 33 | 37 | 47E | 47F | 47G
13-April-2017 279/16/17

2016/17 Additional Estimates Topics

Full N/A
21-March-2017 244/16/17

Holocentric Libraries and Models Containing Defence Processes and Frameworks Generated Since January 2015 Until Now

Full N/A
15-March-2017 178/16/17

Singapore Joint Development Training Initiative announced in May 2016

Partial 33 | 47C | 47F
15-March-2017 220/16/17

Power generation at Osborne Ship and Submarine Yard

Full N/A
14-March-2017 046/16/17

Exports of Australian made arms that were allowed/authorised/permitted by the Australian Government

Partial 47G
6-March-2017 179/16/17

All Tenders & Authorisations made under Section 5, Part 1 of the Defence & Strategic Goods List since December 2013

Partial 22 | 47E | 47F | 47G
10-March-2017 186/16/17

ADF Health Care Information

Partial 47E
6-March-2017 157/16/17

Incidents of abuse, misconduct and or similar acts involving US Armed Services Personnel since 1 January 2012

Full N/A
3-March-2017 208/16/17

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Act s23 Documents - CN3400965

Partial 45 | 47G | 47F
6-March-2017 188/16/17

Mindef Briefing Notes regarding Donald Trump and retired Marine General James Mattis

Partial 22 | 33
14-February-2017 049/16/17

Unpublished Review by Albert Palazzo of the Australian Defence Force's Involvement in Iraq

Partial 7 | 33 | 34 | 42 | 47E
14-February-2017 194/16/17

All Internal Communication Generated for Previous FOI Request 060/16/17

Partial 33
13-February-2017 213/16/17

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Act S23 Documents - Contract No CN 3394974

Full N/A
13-February-2017 175/16/17

Tri-Service Conviction Documents/Lists for 2009 to 2015

Partial 47F
10-February-2017 193/16/17

Defence Work Station IT Inventory

Partial 33
7-February-2017 159/16/17

Relocating some or all units of Army 7 Brigade to a new location

Partial 47C
3-February-2017 158/16/17

Charges under the Defence Force Discipline Act against Army Personnel

Partial 47F
31-January-2017 170/16/17

PGPA S23 Documents from Rob Dobson and Associates

Partial 24A
23-January-2017 136/16/17

All Ministerial Communication on the use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam

Partial 47F
13-January-2017 177/16/17

PGPA Act S23 Documents - Contract No CN 3393458

Full N/A
10-January-2017 180/15/16

Protocols and Amendments Relating to Medicine Trials Using ADF Personnel

Partial 47F
11-January-2017 111/16/17

Use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam - RAAF Base Williamtown - Request 4

Partial 47E | 47G
4-January-2016 167/16/17

Access to documents relating to Jedi Council as mentioned in NSW Police report

Partial 38 | 47F
23-December-2016 093/16/17

Use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam - RAAF Base Williamtown - Request 3

Partial 33 | 47C | 47E | 47F | 47G
23-December-2016 104/16/17

Future Submarine and Mobilisation Contract

Partial 33 | 47G
19-December-2016 156/16/17

Audit reports and management-directed tasks

Full N/A
19-December-2016 113/16/17

Reclassification of Nature of Service for Medals

  • 113/16/17 Statement of Reasons [PDF, 37 KB]
  • 113/16/17 Documents [PDF, 365 KB]
  • Please note: the attachments to this document are not available. A decision has been made under s11C(1)(a) and s11C(1)(d) that they are unreasonable to publish as they contain extensive personal information (s47F). The attachments also contain redactions under s33.
Partial 24A | 33 | 47C | 47F
19-December-2016 138/16/17

Training and Graduation Requirements for Female Pilot Candidates

Partial 24A | 47F
19-December-2016 147/16/17

F/A-18A Entering Syrian Airspace

Partial 22 | 33
20-December-2016 148/16/17

Written Authority by the Secretary of Defence under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013

Full N/A
16-December-2016 150/16/17

Unredacted photos of weapons seized by HMAS Darwin

Full N/A
12-December-2016 077/16/17

Use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam - RAAF Base Williamtown - Request 2

Partial 24A | 47C | 47E | 47G
5-December-2016 078/16/17

Minutes of Meetings of the Australian Maritime Defence Council

Partial 47F
9-December-2016 373/15/16

Aerial Bombing of Syria

Partial 22 | 33 | 34 | 42
30-November-2016 102/16/17

Correspondence between Defence and NSW Police relating to Lindt Cafe Siege

Partial 24A
29-November-2016 139/16/17

Copy of documents sent by the Minister for Defence to Senator Brian Burston

Full N/A
30-November-2016 142/16/17

Supplementary Budget Estimates Topics

Full N/A
30-November-2016 070/16/17

Use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam - RAAF Williamtown (Final Release)

Partial 24A
16-November-2016 105/16/17

Access to corporate file 2015/1124914 - Air traffic control airfield reports 2015-2019

Full N/A
15-November-2016 054/16/17

Minutes of all Meetings of the Woomera Prohibited Area Advisory Board

Partial 33 | 47G
10-November-2016 070/16/17

Use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam - RAAF Williamtown (Interim Release)

Full N/A
9-November-2016 087/16/17

Defence Approved Evaluation Methodology for Defence Infrastructure Panel 2017-2022 Tender Process

Internal Review - 19 December 2016



47E | 47F

27-October-2016 MINDEF 001/16/17


Advice to the Minister for Defence, The Hon Kevin Andrews from Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Full N/A
2-November-2016 103/16/17

Expressions of Interest for Positions in Defence Logistics Transformation Between 2011 and 2013

Full N/A
27-September-2016 019/16/17

Current Incoming Government Briefs

Partial 7 | 33 | 34 | 47C | 47D | 47E
10-October-2016 016/16/17

Closure of RAAF Base Child Care Centres

Internal Review - 25 November 2016




27-September-2016 361/15/16

Briefings, Talking Points and Correspondence between the Department of Defence and NT Government regarding the Lease of Darwin Port

Partial 33 | 34 | 47 | 47B | 47G
4-October-2016 074/16/17


Partial 22 | 47G
30-September-2016 052/16/17

Impact of Protracted Bargaining on Department of Defence Employee Morale

Partial 47F
29-September-2016 066/16/17

File 2007/1008750 Titled Investigation of Unusual Aerial Sightings

Partial 47E
27-September-2016 060/16/17

Inventory of Defence IT Hardware

Partial 33
22-September-2016 071/16/17

Prohibited Substance Testing Program (PSTP) Determination Decisions

Full 33
21-September-2016 053/16/17

PGPA S23 documents - Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013

Full 22
12-September-2016 360/15/16

Assessments made by SP&I Group in relation to the Long-Term Lease of Darwin Port

Partial 22 | 47B | 47D | 47G
31-August-2016 035/16/17

Operation Resolute Mental Health Surveillance Reports from August 2014

Partial 47F
31-August-2016 028/16/17

Controlled or restricted access to weapons and/or ammunition for Army members

Partial 47B | 47F
22-August-2016 025/16/17

Voting arrangements for Exercise Hamel

Full 22
19-August-2016 024/16/17

Defence Instruction in relation to restrictions made on Wanimo Gate at Gallipoli Barracks in May 2016

Full 22
17-August-2016 327/15/16

Mounting Directives relating to Enforced Turn Back Operations

Partial 33 | 47E | 47F
17-August-2016 171/15/16

Reports of incidents logged into DPSMS from 16 Apr 2015

Partial 33 | 47C | 47E | 47F | 47G
16-August-2016 309/15/16

Correspondence between Defence and the US Secretary of Defence in relation to US military presence in the NT

Partial 33 | 47F
15-August-2016 002/16/17

Processing of FOI Request 383/15/16

Full 22
12-August-2016 145/15/16

Reports on the Economic Impact of SEA 1000

Partial 33(a)(iii)
3-August-2016 005/16/17

SOCAUST Directive 02/2013

Partial 22 | 33
28-July-2016 366/15/16

Complaints originating from South Australia reported in COMTRACK

Full 22
25-July-2016 369/15/16

Documents relating to preparation of letter to The Australian relating to diversity in the ADF

Internal Review - 24 August 2016




47C | 47E(d) | 47F
13-July-2016 359/15/16

Defence's Management of Credit and Other Transaction Cards

Full 22
5-July-2016 397/15/16

Documents from 3 years prior to Jan 1, 2016, about expenditure for certain merchant categories on Defence Credit/Purchasing cards

Full N/A

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