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Career Transition Assistance Scheme

The Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) helps facilitate your transition to civilian employment through training and financial support.

CTAS is available to all permanent members of the ADF and eligible Reservists. You can access CTAS 12 months before and up to 12 months after your transition date. CTAS benefits are determined by the length of your service and reason for leaving the ADF. Additional CTAS help is available if you're leaving the ADF for medical reasons, declared redundant, or as a result of a Management Initiated Early Retirement package.

CTAS benefits

Job Search Preparation (JSP) Workshop – a two day workshop covering all aspects of applying for a job. Members can also access up to two hours of individual coaching to prepare for real-life job interviews and reinforce the skills they've learned at the workshop.

Approved Absence - leave for all career transition activities including job interviews, appointments and on-the-job experience (includes weekends and public holidays).

Career Transition Training - access to vocational education and training to support your employment prospects after you transition.

Career Transition Management Coaching - coaching to help you identify your skills, career options, develop an employment plan, develop interview skills and learn effective job hunting.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Coaching - helps you develop and maintain a CV.

CTAS eligibility

table outlining CTAS eligibility

Applying for CTAS

Speak to your ADF Transition Officer about applying for CTAS.