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For ADF members and their families

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Medical and dental

Coordinating your health care needs during the last 12 months of your ADF service will give you time to arrange health examinations, insurance, compensation claims (if required), and the collection of your medical records.

You don't need to meet a defined standard of medical fitness or dental class to leave the ADF, and you're entitled to ADF medical and dental services until your transition date. You should nominate a civilian general practitioner (GP), dentist, and specialists (if required) when you decide to leave the ADF. If you need help finding a civilian health provider visit

Health examinations

There are three health examinations you'll need to coordinate within six months of leaving the ADF.

Separation Health Examination

The Separation Health Examination will be conducted by your local Health Centre. You can request your medical information be transferred to your nominated civilian GP.

Separation Dental Examination

Undergoing a dental examination six months before you leave means any dental treatment can be identified and completed before you leave the ADF.

Post Operational Psychological Screening

If you've been deployed within the past two years you must have a Post Operational Psychological Screening. Your local health Centre will coordinate this with you. 

If you're leaving the ADF for medical reasons, further examinations and support may be required. This could be to determine Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation superannuation benefits, or Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) compensation. See the ADF Member and Family Transition Guide – A Practical Manual to Transitioning for more information, or speak to your ADF Transition Officer . 

Health records

You can request a copy of your health records any time after your transition date.

Compensation claims and rehabilitation

Before you leave the ADF, you'll need to lodge any compensation claims and provide DVA with a copy of your medical records. DVA On Base Advisory Services can give you information and advice about the support and entitlements available through DVA. Your local Health Centre can help you make an appointment.

If you become ill or injured during your service, Defence will support your rehabilitation through the ADF Rehabilitation Program regardless of whether you illness or injury is service related. The Program offers:

  • high quality medical and specialist treatment
  • a dedicated Rehabilitation Consultant
  • non-clinical aid and appliances to support serious and complex rehabilitation needs.

Your local Health Centre can help you make an appointment.

Health insurance

Before you leave the ADF, you should consider your health insurance needs. Medicare covers most Australian residents for health care but it doesn't cover everything. You can choose to take out private health insurance to give yourself a wider range of options and more comprehensive cover. For more information visit: 

More information on coordinating your medical and dental is in the ADF Member and Family Transition Guide – A Practical Manual.