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Defence Community Organisation

For ADF members and their families

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Future employment support

You've gained an extensive range of skills, abilities and attributes during your ADF career that make you a valuable employee in the civilian workforce. As part of your transition, you'll receive an individual transition plan and career coaching so you can uncover your aspirations and plan for employment outside the ADF. This includes training requirements and job search preparation.

You may also be eligible for the Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) that helps facilitate your transition to civilian employment through training and financial support.

Tailored career coaching

You can access tailored career coaching services from ADF Transition Support Services during your transition and up to 12 months afterwards. Your ADF Transition Officer can help you plan for, secure, and maintain suitable employment. They will work with you to understand:

  • your skills, interests, and career expectations
  • appropriate tools and techniques to promote yourself to employers.

Career Transition Assistance Scheme

The Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) helps facilitate your transition to civilian employment through training and financial support. CTAS is available to all permanent members of the ADF and eligible Reservists. You can access CTAS 12 months before and up to 12 months after your transition date. CTAS benefits are determined by the length of your service and reason for leaving the ADF. Additional CTAS help is available if you're leaving the ADF for medical reasons, declared redundant, or as a result of a Management Initiated Early Retirement package.

Defence Learning Branch

The Defence Learning Branch supports training and education for ADF members. They can provide you with information on the Defence Assisted Study Scheme, various Education Assistance Schemes, and postgraduate study at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).


The Australian Government Department of Employment's jobactive website provides comprehensive support tools and information specifically for veterans seeking employment. You can find:

  • labour market advice
  • employment planning tools
  • government employment assistance.

Prime Minister's Veterans' Employment Program

The Prime Minister's Veterans' Employment Program aims to make it easier for businesses to recruit former Defence personnel and for industry to reap the benefits of their skills and professional expertise. The Program features a number of initiatives for business, industry and government, including:

  • improvements to the transition process for Defence and the Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • enhancements to the APS Jobs and jobactive websites to better support job seeking veterans
  • Industry Advisory Committee on Veterans' Employment
  • Ex-service Organisation Industry Partnership Register.