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Defence Community Organisation

For ADF members and their families

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Australian Defence Force Family Covenant

We recognise the significant contribution of ADF families to operational effectiveness.

We pay tribute to the commitment and sacrifice of ADF families in support of Australia.

We acknowledge the unique nature of family and community life in the ADF.

We honour the inherent strength and capacity of ADF families.

We pledge to work in partnership with ADF families to enhance their self reliance.

We commit to listening to ADF families and responding effectively to their emerging needs.

In May 2009 the then Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, officially launched the Australian Defence Force Family Covenant.

When Air Chief Marshal Houston’s tenure ended, the Covenant was passed on to the incoming Chief of the Defence Force, General David Hurley.

General Hurley formally re-signed the Covenant in a ceremony on 29 February 2012, reaffirming the Australian Defence Force’s commitment to Defence families.

Arranged in consultation with all three Service Chiefs, the Defence Community Organisation and Defence Families of Australia , the Covenant articulates to Defence families how highly their contribution to Defence is valued.

The covenant represents a commitment from Defence to work with Defence families, to consult with them, to listen to the concerns they raise, and to help them balance the demands of Service life with the needs of the family. 

There are three copies of the signed Covenant. One is held by Director General of the Defence Community Organisation. One is kept by Defence Families Australia.  And the original is held by the office of the Chief of the Defence Force.