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Film & Television Requests for Defence Assistance

Defence receives a number of requests each year to make locations, equipment and other resources available for use in film and TV productions and other non-news media. Each approach is considered in light of communicating key Defence messages and whether there is a connection and clear benefit to Defence. We do not provide financial assistance. For policy reasons, Defence cannot provide support to advertisements; the exception being certain community service announcements.

Requests should be lodged at least three weeks before assistance is required.

To lodge a request:

  1. Read the important supporting information and/or download [PDF-15 KB];

  2. Download the Request for Defence Support in Film, Television and other projects [DOC-100 KB];

  3. E-mail the signed form as a PDF to the Entertainment Media Liaison Officer.

Important Support Information

Please complete the Request for Defence Support in Film, Television and other projects [DOC-100 KB] to formalise your company's request for Defence support. This will provide necessary information which will assist us in evaluating your request.

In the case of film or television productions, the form should be signed by the producer, who should also be named as the (co-)applicant. Researchers, location managers, etc have insufficient legal authority, responsibility and control of the overall production to be able to guarantee compliance with all of the terms and conditions associated with this form. A signed original or e-mailed PDF with a digital signature* are required and, by signing, they indicate that they accept the Terms and Conditions that form part of the request form.

Depending on the degree of non-compliance with the terms and conditions, Defence may seek legal remedies which include but are not limited to monetary recompense, and/or injunction to prevent broadcast, screening, sale or rental or giveaway in DVD/video or other forms, and/or withdrawal of all support to the production.

To help conserve resources and ensure that the Commonwealth's objectives are furthered and its interests protected, no requests are registered or actioned without the lodgement of this form.

Where there is no connection with Defence or defence-related themes or issues, support will not be provided. Defence policy (DI(G) ADMIN 17-3) prevents the provision of support where a commercial alternative is available or industrial arrangements may be contravened. Defence has a standing policy of not endorsing products or services and will decline any request where such an endorsement may be inferred or implied. It will not approve requests for support to products or services when there is no current business relationship between the supplier and Defence.

Defence receives numerous requests for assistance in film and television production that place demands upon resources and/or have security implications. All requests are treated as being commercial-in-confidence. We do not provide financial assistance as this can put into question a production's editorial independence. A summary of the key messages leading to reputation benefits which Defence looks for when assessing a request is included below assist you in completing the form. You need only complete those sections which are applicable to your situation.

Key Messages

The Defence mission is: to defend Australia and its national interests. All Defence messages flow from this mission statement.

Our role

  • We protect Australia's interests and help the community in times of need.
  • We work together -- Navy, Army and Air Force with civilian support -- to defend Australia.
  • We actively promote peace in our region and globally.

Our values consist of

  • Professionalism.
  • Loyalty.
  • Innovation.
  • Courage.
  • Integrity.
  • Team work.

Our people

  • We are dedicated world-class professionals who are well-trained and doing a challenging job.
  • We offer a rewarding career, providing skills and training that equip our people for life.
  • We are a fair employer and will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour.
  • We are committed to Pathway to Change, Defence's statement of cultural intent and our strategy for realising that intent. Our work in implementing this strategy starts with accepting individual responsibility for one's own behaviour, assisting others to live the culture, and putting the onus on leaders to be exemplars of positive and visible change at all times. It also involves amending policies and processes that do not align with our cultural intent. For further information please download Pathway to Change: Evolving Defence Culture - A Strategy for Cultural Change and Reinforcement [PDF-920 KB].

Our performance

  • We are proud of our performance and continue to strive for improvement.
  • We continue to build our high-tech capability to meet Australia's defence requirements.
  • We are a highly-valued part of the Australian community with a proud history to uphold.
  • We are trusted to defend, proven to deliver, respectful always.